Energy Drinks and Possible Endorsements

My wife and I are both fond of energy drinks. My choice is Sobe’s No Fear, while she always drinks Red Bull.

The manufacturers of energy drinks go out of their way to brand their products as alternative – their drinks are different and therefore enjoyed by unusual people during edgy pursuits. If you think sliding down a mountain blindfolded on a sofa is a cool way to spend your afternoon (you were asleep all morning) then you might enjoy…

This gets me thinking. Angus MacColl just won the Glenfiddich Championship playing The Red Speckled Bull. Isn’t this a perfect opportunity for Red Bull energy drinks to come in with sponsorship for the coming solo piping season? In fact, The Red Speckled Bull is one of the list of set tunes for next year, so even more people are going to hear it played. One of the stories behind the tune is that of a mad farmer wrestling a bull with his bare hands. What could be more extreme? Can you imagine the shaky home movie of this posted on the Red Bull website? For goodness sakes, they already have a music academy, with a contributor called Greg Wilson. Second to Angus MacColl at the Glenfiddich last weekend wasGreg Wilson the piper. The two Gregs could get together and make an electronica version of the tune.

Step up Red Bull. Become the official sponsor of the 2007 Piobaireachd Society Senior Tunes. Blue and silver bag covers for all competitors.

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