The Overachieving Highlanders…

That is my fictitious name for a new pipe band, formed by Roddy MacLeod, M.B.E., Principal of the National Piping Center.

In my previous post I wrote about Roddy’s new piobaireachd website. Well, apparently it’s not enough to be organizing that and running the Piping Centre. He has gathered a group of world-class solo pipers to populate a new band, with the goal of playing at the World Pipe Band Championships.

The pipe corps, as announced so far, claims a total of 14 Highland Society of London Gold Medals and reads like a Who’s Who of current piping.

Aside from being really, really exciting to hear an all-star band of this calibre play, it also muddies the waters of the FMM/SFU/Shotts cartel at the top of the pipe band world.

This should be fun..

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  1. As interesting as this new band is, don’t be thinking that they are going to dethrown FMM or SFU from their best in the world status.

    These bands practice together every week of the year with the purpose of winning the worlds. Just look at the ranks of either of these bands. SFU has two clasp winners, several others who have placed in the top 3 in the gold medal multiple times, and even more who have either won the silver medal or placed in the silver medal.
    If you look at FMM it’s not much different. You can’t just take lots of gold medals and throw them together a week before the worlds and expect them to have the pipe unison, drums, and ensamble equal to FMM and SFU. Will they sound good, yes! Will they win, not even close! Will it be fun to watch? Hell, yes!

  2. I’m sure you’re right, John. Winning the Worlds is about more than just having excellent performers.

    How about the psych-out factor? Do you think it will affect the other bands to have this weird superband in their midst?

    Like you, my main thought was that this is pure fun, and should result in more good music!

  3. “The belt” has become the highest honor in Utah piping. Wait a minute, the times when I beat you I never got the belt! What was up with that? I would like to retroactively claim my belt!! I did have a few moments of glory back in the day!

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