Payson Scottish Festival

Yesterday this fun and compact festival celebrated its 25th anniversary, and my band (the Wasatch and District Pipe Band) was there to help celebrate by winning the Grade 3 Timed Medley.

The Payson Games is always a really good day. The games are held in the city’s little park, which is old. This means that it is stuffed full of mature trees, so there is plentiful shade. There is a playground right in the center of the park, so the kids have a lot to do, all without leaving eyesight from the band area. The park is small enough that you can get all round it in just a few minutes, which make the logistics of getting bands and soloists to the performance a breeze. You may gather that I like the Payson Games!

That said, this year didn’t start out too well for me. I neglected to send in my solo application forms and missed the deadline. The organizer was very nice, but just couldn’t fit me in as a late entry. Still, when life (or your own carelessness) gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? I decided to volunteer as a steward, since my only commitments during the day were to play in massed bands and the little parade-let up the main street outside the park in the morning. So, while the kids entertained themselves (and the dog) (and other band members’ children) I ran back and forth wrangling soloists and bands in the various competitions. I had a great time and got to talk to far more people than I usually do.

My sheep dog act turned out to be so efficient that the Slow March solo judge finished his competition early, giving time for a couple of us to play our piobaireachd tunes for critique for him. So, I did get to play after all. The Rout of the MacPhees got a second outing this year and I got some helpful advice from Bob Mason, the judge.

On the band side, the Wasatch and District Grade 3 band won their competition, and sounded very good doing so. The local Payson band (White Peaks Centennial Pipe Band) won both Grade 4 competitions and they really did sound good. Our new Grade 4 band will be competing for the first time next year and we clearly have our work cut out, if we are to put in a good showing next to White Peaks.

I had a great day. No sunburn this games, and the cherry on top was buying fresh cherries from a farm stand on the way home. Yum.

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  1. Hi Heathen!

    As best as I can remember, the Grade 4 band results were 1st in both QMM and TM – White Peaks, 2nd in both – Henry’s Fork, 3rd – J.T. Dunnie and UPB, but I don’t remember which competition each band took. Wasatch and District won Grade 3 TM and the MSR (although the SLScots didn’t compete in the MSR).

    By now the official games website may have better results.

    Like your website(s) by the way. We should meet in person one day!

  2. Dear Marc

    Mummy & myself have read your blog and much enjoyed it. We found out some things we didn’t know (quite a lot actually) but it also re-inforced (to us) your outstanding literary
    gifts. Keep up the good work.

    x Daddy

    PS “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper.
    Where’s the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked?”

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