Who was Hamish?

Our kids are homeschooled. Right now, in history, we are studying the period around the American Revolution. In order to personalize the time period for them we are blending in our family history. We are lucky in this respect, since one of the Scottish branches of my family (the sugar-refining MacFie family) has a fairly well documented history going back to the mid-18th century. Before the late 1700s, though, things get a little less clear.

These MacFies came originally from the small island of Colonsay, and I came across this tantalizing nugget of information on a MacFie genealogy website:

The story is told that one Robert Mcfie….who was allegedly born about 1680, was the great-grandson of Hamish Mor (Mcfie) a famous piper…

OK, so it’s just a story, but even if I am not descended from this Hamish Mor McFie, who was he? In some small way, I am still related and my piping ears prick up when the family name shows up. As you know, I would one day like to play the tune The Rout of the MacPhees. Perhaps Hamish Mor had a hand in writing this tune?

I will dig further and let you know….

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