Winter Workshop

Yesterday I attended a workshop for the pipe bands in the Wasatch Front. I had a great time and it was really good to just hang out with members of the other area bands.

The highlights were a piobaireachd class I took with local pipemaker and teacher, Gordon Nichol, and then later, the instructors’ recital.

Gordon has taken the initiative (along with some others locally) to found the Utah Piobaireachd Society. I missed their first meeting back in November, so this was the first time I had met him. He seems like a really nice guy – knowledgeable, but unassuming – and clearly has a great love of the music. It turns out he also teaches some of the younger members of my band, and he offered to give me any help I needed.

At the recital Gordon played The Desperate Battle, despite some rib pain, which he said was bothering him. I certainly didn’t notice. It was also really good to hear our band instructor, Justin Howland, play some of his competition tunes. You’ve got to feel good about being in a band with an instructor of that caliber – Justin sounded just tremendous. Of course, he would probably disagree, but the whole day sure made me feel good about having access to this level of help with my piping.

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