Piping by numbers

Math and statistics have returned to my piping conversations. A couple of threads on the piping forums to which I post gave me some ideas to kick around.

The threads concerned predictions for the 2007 World Pipe Band Championships (which don’t happen until August) and the intentionally mis-stated news that David Beckham, the gazillionaire soccer star, had joined the LA Scots Pipe Band.

The confluence of these two discussions (which both now have dozens of posts) got me thinking. The posters seemed desperate to speculate about which band would place where in the summer, and also what Beckham’s move (to the LA Galaxy Major League Soccer team, actually) would do for soccer in the U.S.

So I proposed a Fantasy Pipe Band League.

I don’t know much about fantasy leagues, but I did find out from wikipedia that they can be adapted to amost any sport, if you can compile individual statistics on the team members. Here, I thought was an opportunity for armchair Pipe Majors everywhere. I’ll watch the thread and see where it leads.

Despite all this, don’t forget the sage words of Noam Chomsky:

“Organized sports promote irrational xenophobia and blind submission to authority”

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