Pipe the Captain Aboard!

I’ve been meaning to write about this website for a while now, but I didn’t want to just toss out a casual mention.

The website is called The Captain’s Corner, and it is produced by Ken Eller (also known as The Captain), who played for many years with the 78th Fraser Highlanders, something of a local band for me when I lived in Buffalo, New York. According to the introduction on Ken’s (sorry, the Captain’s) site, he is “now retired from active competition”, and has “expanded my involvement in instruction. It is my intent to be of service not only to students who participate in my workshops but also help the long distance piper needing special assistance.”

Well, I see several resources that would be very useful at The Captain’s Corner, not least the online tuition. But for now, I have been content to avail myself of the huge number of quality performances Ken has generously made available for download. One of the advantages to Ken being so well connected, is that he has been able to record some of the World’s top players (who are clearly also his friends). Thus we are able to hear performances from pipers like Angus MacColl and Jim McGillivray on his site.

Ken does not just focus on the established pipers, though. It is obvious that he wants to help young pipers and he features perfomances by those pipers also.

Thank you, Captain – I enjoy your site, and I hope it (and your teaching) flourishes.

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