Dae you hae a guid Scots tongue in yer heid?

If you understood that, and if you answered in the affirmative, then “The Scots Leid Associe wants ye tae uise it!”

To clarify, my brother sent me a CD of pipe music and he had to order it from the Scots Language Society, or Scots Leid Associe. The society exists to promote the use of the Scots (not gaelic) language. To my ears, it sounds like the old people I heard when I lived in Bo’ness and Falkirk in West Lothian, although, according to those people, they were speaking a specifically local dialect peculiar to their own town. I remember two of my friends (both in their 40s) who had lived their whole lives in Bo’ness having a conversation in front of me using all the dialect words they could think of. It was largely incomprehensible.

My brother said that when he ordered the CD, he spoke to John Law, who edits the official Scots Language magazine. He was “a friendly guy, but hard to understand”. Perhaps I will call him sometime. The CD is tremendous – Andrew Wright playing piobaireachd, including two tunes that I hope to be able to play soon: Hail to my Country, and The Lament for Captain MacDougall. My old band, The Celtic Spirit Pipe Band used to play the first variation from Hail to my Country, and it’s good to hear the whole tune being played. Check out my old band playing and then take a look at the Scots Language Society’s CD offerings. They have stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

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