World Pipe Band Championships

Well, the World Pipe Band Championships are over for another year.

Not surprisingly, the top three bands in Grade 1 were the same as in the previous three or four years – they just duke it out for who gets to place where. In the end Field Marshal Montgomery came out on top, displacing last year’s winners Shotts and Dykehead to third place. Simon Fraser University were second.

I have listened the first summary show of the championships on BBC Radio Scotland’s Pipeline show and am partway through the second week of coverage. The College of Piping Radio show on Radio Six International still awaits me as soon as I can sort out some computer issues. They have interviews with Richard Parkes (the Pipe Major of Field Marshal Montgomery) among others and that should be really interesting. I will be posting in more detail with my thoughts on the competition and the radio shows.

This year, however, I have access to more than just the radio shows. Nine members of my band, the Wasatch and District Pipe Band, and their families were at the Championships on Glasgow Green. This Thursday evening I’ll be able to get firsthand accounts from people who were there. I’m looking forward to hearing all about their experience of the competition (and also their eventful airplane trip).

Hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, I’ll be able to make the trip over to Scotland myself.

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