The maintenance guys will kick their butts

I’m out of town this week with my family, so my kids can go to camp. We’re staying at a hotel that claims to be a resort. Glacial service and flies on the dining tables say otherwise, but that’s a whole different story.

I decided to practice a respectful distance away from the hotel buildings. This isn’t too hard as the hotel is way out in the country, on the side of one of the mountain ranges of northern Utah. I drove up to the water tank that supplies the hotel. It’s about a half mile away from the hotel and probably several hundred feet above it. I was confident I would not be heard from there. Yesterday I played for about an hour with only trees and crickets for company.

Today I took up my position as yesterday, but after a few minutes two of the maintenance guys showed up in a truck. Apparently they had to add some chemicals to the water. They were very happy that I was playing and told me to carry on. They left a few minutes later with big thumbs-up and waves. I carried on playing, but after a short while I heard the truck coming back. This time the front seat was stuffed with extra hotel staff – more waving and thumbs. It was a Drive-by listening.

I bumped into the maintenance guys again later. They asked why I had gone so far from the hotel to practice. I explained to them that I always try to be careful when piping in public – not everyone likes the pipes for some reason. They said to move closer and that if any of the guests complained they would “kick their butts”. Sadly we leave tomorrow, so I will never get the chance to see the promised butt-kicking. Shame – that would have added to the resort experience.

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