OK, It’s later – more about the english

In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that I am, in fact, English.

OK, I’m actually a strange mixture of English, Scottish and Finnish, but if you were to hear me talk there would be no hiding my Englishness.

As an Englishman playing the quintessentially Scottish instrument, here is what I have observed about the English.

They mostly do not like the pipes.

When I go home to visit, and I play the pipes, the response seems to vary from cool to rude. It’s true, there are a few who like it and even ask me to play more, but these are in the minority. (I’ll tell the story of my exploits in a little English pub soon.) By contrast, I have never received anything less than a totally enthusiastic response from audiences in the U.S. I have a theory about the reason for this.
A large number of the British immigrants to the U.S. were actually Scottish or Irish. They left, in part, because of the horrible treatment they recieved from their English overlords. (The English that emigrated may not have been that fond of their authority figures either.) So, those who left and crossed the Atlantic may well have held dear the very things that their former masters despised. It was part of defining their new identity.

OK, I’m done playing the armchair cultural historian. Anyone care to help me prove or disprove my theory?

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