The New McCallum McC² Solo Chanter

I read a news story today adding some information to my earlier post about the new McCallum McC² solo bagpipe chanter. The August 10th online edition of the Campbeltown Courier newspaper has an article about the new chanter, and includes interview material from Stuart McCallum, founder of McCallum Bagpipes.

It is clear that the new venture has required considerable resources. The article says, in part:

CAMPBELTOWN’s Willie McCallum swept the board at the Lochaber Gathering Festival of Piping at the weekend playing with a new chanter that he designed himself…

…It has taken more than two years to develop and McCallum Bagpipes has invested in machinery worth more than £100,000 to develop and now produce the chanter…

…Before he left the competition the orders for the new chanter were coming in thick and fast from fellow solo pipers….

I may have to get my order in soon!

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