Noddy says “Practice every day!”

My kids were watching the show “Make Way for Noddy” yesterday. The title was “Noddy and the Magic Bagpipes”, which was enough to catch my interest.

In the episode, this pre-school icon is so impressed by the sound of his friend Big-Ears’ bagpipes he convinces Big-Ears to lend them to him. Big-Ears impresses upon Noddy the need for regular practice. Un-named consequences are hinted at if Noddy fails to comply.

Predictably enough, Noddy’s first flush of enthusiasm wanes quickly as various distractions cause him to shelve the pipes for several days. Because of lack of practice, the set of pipes comes to life and runs around the neighborhood on its little drone legs, sneaking up on people and causing chaos.

Moral of this story – follow through on your commitments, or suffer the consequences.

When I came downstairs this morning, I checked my pipes were still in their case. They were, but I learned something today.

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