My wonderful McCallum bagpipes

I play a set of McCallum AB/2 Medallists. They came with Ezee-Drone reeds and I subsequently added a Ross canister bag. My band in Utah, the Wasatch and District Pipe Band, also uses McCallum chanters, so the nice thing is that I can play my pipes in the band with its own chanter.

I’ve had the pipes for nearly three years now and they are amazingly steady. Once tuned they play back in at band practice in about five minutes and the drones and chanter need almost no adjustment each time I take them out. Strike in is never a problem, cut-offs are easy, and the sound is sweet and precise.

The pipes easily handle the transition from the humid Eastern U.S or the English coast to the dry Mountain West. They adjust to altitude change (I’m at 4000 feet above sea level here) with no problems whatsoever.

I’ve listened to a lot of pipes since I bought mine, but never once have I regretted my choice, and if I ever have to buy a new set of pipes I’ll go straight to McCallum again.

They also have the coolest logo!

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