New Utilikilt!

To be correct you should wear a kilt.

But to be cool, you should wear a Utilikilt.

I got my first Utilikilt about 3 years ago at the end of a summer of nightly Ben and Jerry’s consumption. The kilt is for sure cool, but has never really fit me and finally I gave up the procrastination and called Seattle yesterday.

Speaking to the people at Utilikilts is always entertaining.

Nick (Utilikilt guy):
“What size do you need?”

Marc (Drive-by Guy):
“32 medium”

“Did you measure yourself like it says on the website?”

“No, I just subtracted 4 inches from my old Utilikilt”

“Four inches? Four inches? Jesus Christ man, you got a tapeworm or something?”

“I just stopped eating ice cream every night, and started playing the bagpipes.”

Nick told me well done and they’ll ship it tomorrow.

I will be cool once again.

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