My first paid Drive-by

Last Friday was my first paying gig as a piper. I have started the Drive-by Piping service as as alternative to the more involved piping service usually offered by pipers for weddings. Having piped for free for family and friends, I have come to a couple of conclusions regarding piping at social gatherings:

  • People love pipe music, especially the tunes they know (Scotland the Brave, Amazing Grace)
  • However, in many situations, there is a limit to how long people want to listen. They can’t really talk while the piper is playing. It’s just not background music.

My solution – a Drive-by Piping. I show up, hit them with about 15 minutes of tunes, including their favorites, and I’m done.

Friday evening I played a wedding. When I showed up at the reception everyone was relaxed and having a good time; they were completely receptive to what I had prepared. I had lined up about six or seven sets of tunes. During set four I began to see a little restlessness on the part of some of the guests. So I closed with Amazing Grace, bid them farewell and everyone was happy. The bride and groom thanked me profusely, many guests came up to me with compliments and I gave out several business cards.

So, Drive-by Piping number one was a great success. Keep watching and I will post some pictures.

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