I Am Proud to Play a Pipe!

Hello everyone, and welcome to PiperPride.

I am indeed proud to play the bagpipe. Few instruments can match its effect on listeners, but it’s also an incredible instrument to play. If you are a fellow piper, then you know what I am taking about; if you just like to listen, then I hope to convey to you some of the excitement I feel every time I pick up my pipes.

As this is my first post, here is a little information about me: I was born and grew up in England, but in 1995 I moved to Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. In November 2005 I moved again and I now live in the spectacular Salt Lake Valley, in Utah. I began piping while in Buffalo in 2003, so in many ways it still feels very new to me. I will write more on my path through piping in later posts.

The title of this post is taken from a piobaireachd (or ancient highland pipe tune) of the same name, and I chose it because it sums up nicely how I feel about this instrument. I have been a singer since I was a child. I have played the piano, the violin, the saxophone and the oboe, amongst other instruments. I have enjoyed all these, but none of them compares to the bagpipe.

The bagpipe is the instrument I am proud to play and I look forward to sharing that pride with you.

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