Utilikilts – what do pipers think?

There is periodic discussion of non-traditional kilts on the forums to which I belong. Lately, someone posed the question, Have you seen anyone compete solo wearing a Utilikilt? I usually comment on these threads, since, unlike the majority of pipers, I regularly wear both traditional and non-traditional kilts.

Many pipers (or at least, the vocal ones) do not like the Utilikilt. I have seen it disparagingly called an Extremetoolbelt and also a Potato Sack. Funny thing is, I don’t think the makers and wearers of the UK would really care – in fact, they would probably think it was funny. I know I did.

But, since the question posed referred to playing in a competition setting, I thought these pictures might be helpful. Imagine you are a judge and one of these three pipers has just stepped up to play his tunes for you. Who will you pick?

Tough (except for the smile)CasualFormal

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  1. saw a post on forums at bobdunsire.com, nice little blog you have here. I couldn’t resist commenting on this article, and say that most utili-kilts I’ve seen worn have not been as well cared for (and nicely ironed)as the one you’re wearing. I’m sure less people would frown on them if the hippies and punkers would get their irons out. When I see someone walking around the games with a puffy utili-kilt on I just want to laugh.

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