I am better than half of the pipers a third of my age

I’m fresh back from the Utah Pipe Band’s inaugural David Barclay Memorial competition.

It was very smart of the UPB to organize an indoor competition at a time when next season seems so far off. The competition was well-supported and well-organized, despite the biggest snowstorm of the season showing up as a snowy white background out the windows.

This was my first time competing since Payson back in July, and it would appear that I have improved a little. I managed two 5th places out of a field of about 12-15 in Grade 4 – results I was more than happy with. A late entry to the Grade 4 piobaireachd robbed me of the 1st place I was sure was mine (I was the only entrant initially) but that was OK – I was happy with how I played and the judge, Jack Cairney, gave me some very helpful advice afterwards.

Thank you Utah Pipe Band – you did a good thing, and I hope the competition comes back next year.

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