How do I look?

I mentioned yesterday that my wife gave me a birthday present that was older than I was. Well, yesterday evening another surprise birthday present, this time exactly as old as I am. In fact you’re looking at him right now!

My wife conspired with a friend of hers (who is a designer of some note) to update my website and you are now looking at the results – namely me – in all my piping glory.

My wife’s friend has a very popular blog and is in demand as a designer also, so I am hoping some of her web mojo (say this in an Austin Powers voice) will pass to my site.

So, that’s the style part in place. Now you need great content, right? Stick around – I’ll do my best.

2 Replies to “How do I look?”

  1. So, give the notable designer a link. She’s at Kerflop currently. She didn’t design this theme, though. This is Revved Up. She, great designer, tweaked the theme to make it work for you.

  2. Dear Marc McPehkonen
    You look great, a lot younger-looking than your 39 years.
    I am impressed by your hat, pipes and general demeanour
    redolent of “pride” – well done the photographer and the pose!
    Where did you get those razors from? I like to think I have a
    close shave each morning but I can’t compete with the new
    clean-shaven-no-trace-of-stubble approach.
    Are you wearing eye-shadow?
    Have fun.

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