My Theme Tune – Part 1

OK, everybody. Now I have the music to I Am Proud to Play a Pipe. Step 1 Complete.

Next I have to listen to it a lot – I have Bagpipe Player software to help me with that.

And I have to try out some of these strange cadences and grace notes. At the outset it almost seems as though I will need a different mindset and even a different pair of hands to play piobaireachd. The whole thing is so different from light music. I will tap the talent from the Piobaireachd list on the Bob Dunsire forums.

More anon….

Piobaireachd – get it while it’s hot.

Any serious Ceol Mor fans should check out the BBC Radio Scotland Pipeline show for this week while they still can. It features Murray Henderson playing “Lament for the Harp Tree” at the Northern Meeting. This tune may not be the longest, but it has to be a contender. I timed it at 25 minutes and change. Anyway length apart, it’s a very beautiful tune, and Murray’s bagpipe stayed in great condition throughout.

You have until a week from tomorrow to listen. Then the BBC switches to the next edition of the show.

Pirates and Punk

OK, so I’ve been thinking of cool tunes to add to my Drive-by piping repertoire. Seems like people always smile when you play a tune they don’t expect to hear on the pipes.

The Pirate of Sainte Mary’s is a piper who busks, and he plays a version of the Star Wars theme. Sounds like it’s a hit with his audience.

I’d like to work up some punk standards on the pipes.

My tiny list so far:

I Fought the Law – The Clash

Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones (honestly, with three notes you can probably make anything by The Ramones work on pipes)

It’s early days yet – any suggestions? I’ll update the list soon….

Tunes I’m working on…

Here’s what I’m wrestling with right now:

  • Piobaireachd – The Lament for Captain MacDougall
  • 2/4 March – John MacColl’s March to Kilbowie Cottage
  • 6/8 March – Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis
  • 2/4 Medley opener – Coppermill (it’s like a hornpipe and a 2/4 march really)